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 GRC BaselineGRC SmartGRC Premium
Risk Management
Org structure & process catalog
Risk & Control register
Risk assessment & campaigns
Incident and loss event tracking
Compliance and Internal Control
Internal Control & Compliance framework
Control assessment & campaigns
Control execution and testing
Issue and action plan management
GRC Reporting
Real-time dashboards & out-of-the-box report
Business Continuity Management
Critical processes and assets identification
Business impact analysis
Business continuity plan management
Business Process Analysis
Business Process Modeling (BPMN)

Out-of-the-box Integrations

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All our products are based on the HOPEX Platform, benefiting from:
  • Reporting and dashboarding engine
  • Assessment engine with surveys and campaigns
  • Intuitive modeling engine


  • Intuitive workflows
  • Enterprise portal
  • Contextual search


  • Flexible metamodel configurability
  • SOC2 certified secure and scalable platform
  • Open APIs and out-of-the box integrations

Get adapted services to support you in your project

  • Technical support
  • Knowledge base
  • Online documentation


  • Use case playbooks
  • How-to videos
  • MEGA Community


  • HOPEX Store
  • eLearning
  • Customer Success Manager

Successful transformation doesn't happen in silos!

Connecting governance, risk, and compliance with enterprise architecture, business process management and data intelligence helps to develop synergies that strengthens operational resilience. Foster collaboration between stakeholders to get true risk visibility and better understand the business context of risks to make smarter decisions faster.
  • Analyze how risks on your IT infrastructure can impact business objectives.
  • Leverage business capability maps to build robust continuity plans.
  • Embed compliance in the infrastructure design to improve IT security.
  • Get a clearer view of how business really operates.  
  • Understand how products and services are delivered with a customer centric perspective. 
  • Evaluate how technology can optimize business processes.
  • Get  a clear view on how applications and systems capture, use, and transform data with business data lineage.
  • Ensure all stakeholders get a clear understanding of the concepts used in your organization by sharing a common business glossary.
  • Improve data trust by monitoring data quality and compliance.
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