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Turn your data into a strategic asset

We provide Chief Data Officers with data governance tools to help organizations understand their data, implement data governance, and manage data privacy and compliance.

Our data governance tools are built on a collaborative platform to ensure all business and data stakeholders share the same knowledge. Our software enables Business Analysts to understand and trust their data to make impactful business decisions and drive business growth.

Built on a single platform, the solutions benefit from unique synergies with enterprise architecture, business process management and governance, risk management, and compliance to understand how data is used in applications and business processes and if it complies with the applicable regulations.

Know your data

  • Discover and map data ​easily with out-of-the-box connectors.
  • Document, classify, and manage metadata to automatically conduct data cataloging and build a business glossary.
  • Model directly from your database using automatic features to build conceptual models.

Build data reliability

  • Use campaign management to assess and remediate data quality.
  • Understand how data is captured, consumed, and transformed.
  • Accelerate compliance with direct access to regulatory monitoring.

Communicate with your data community

  • Federate business and data office knowledge using a central tool that facilitates communication.
  • Conduct data cataloging and share business concepts, repositories, and models to enhance collaboration.
  • Use dashboards and reports to monitor your data governance operations.
MEGA HOPEX a Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice 2021
Good tool for governing enterprise data.
Data and Analytics Manager in Finance Sector

Data Governance Software

Manage your data governance from strategy to execution to support business transformation. Visualize how your data community operates in an interactive map, analyze its impacts and dependencies, and enable business users and data actors to collaborate and access the necessary data to execute business transformation.
Data Governance Software

Data governance core capabilities

Data catalog

Automatically create a data catalog by discovering and documenting any metadata.


Data compliance

Accelerate data compliance and assess data quality.

Data architecture

Automatically create data models from physical databases and reverse engineer into conceptual models.

Business glossary

Create a shared business language for the whole company.

Privacy management

Assess and comply with global data privacy laws.

MEGA HOPEX Platform for enterprise data governance

Simplify collaboration and ensure alignment, collect, and analyze information, and get actionable insights with a smart, automated, and connected platform.

Smart: Enable data-driven decisions

Make data-driven decisions, get actionable insights, and share visibility across the organization's teams using a collaborative enterprise portal and mobile apps.

Automated: Accelerate your project delivery

Accelerate Data Office operations with data discovery that automatically creates data catalogs and business glossaries, thereby improving productivity and reducing time-to-value.

Connected: Improve collaboration and alignment

Improve collaboration, develop synergies, avoid duplicative efforts, and ensure stakeholder alignment on strategic objectives by connecting data with strategy, business, IT, and risk perspectives on the same platform.