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Leverage a Next-Gen Enterprise Architecture solution to accelerate business transformation

Future-proof your organization using a connected enterprise architecture approach that joins strategy, business, risk, data, and IT perspectives together on a single source of truth. This collaboration and contextualization is imperative for enterprise architects as organizations prioritize being lean, agile, and resilient and need to make decisions at speed with confidence.

Use automation, templates, and best practices designed to help you minimize effort and accelerate time-to-value. Leverage algorithms to get smart insights and know where/how to prioritize business-outcomes. Foster collaboration with business and IT stakeholders using reports and dashboards that enable teams to speak the same language and make meaningful progress.

Save time

  • Populate your EA repository with automatic discovery of applications, business, and data.
  • Visualize how business, data, and IT connect using a modeling engine.
  • Accelerate decisions with insightful dashboards and smart recommendations.

Reduce costs and risks

  • Rationalize application portfolios using TIME methodology (Tolerate, Invest, Maintain, Eliminate).
  • Manage technology lifecycles to reduce obsolescence risks.
  • Simplify IT compliance with UCF integration.

Foster innovation

  • Use business capability maps to assess strategic impact on business and IT.
  • Support data-driven business models by identifying ways to use data, analytics and emerging technologies.
  • Build composable capabilities to improve agility, performance, and innovation.
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Enterprise architecture solutions

Visualize how your company operates to increase decision-making velocity. Analyze impacts and dependencies to get actionable insights. Collaborate with teams across the enterprise to identify and execute routine or transformative business changes. Architect your IT landscape from strategy to execution. Start by capturing business objectives, identify which capabilities are needed to reach them, and then define a clear transformation roadmap to communicate how processes, applications and systems will evolve to deliver value.
Enterprise architecture solutions

Enterprise architecture core capabilities

Business Architecture

Create a strategic business transformation roadmap.

Project Portfolio Management

Prioritize IT projects using a datadriven approach.

Application Portfolio Management

Get a clear view of your applications, technologies, and business capabilities.

Solution Architecture

Adapt your IT architecture with emerging technologies and Agile developments.

MEGA HOPEX platform for enterprise architecture management

Simplify collaboration and ensure alignment, collect and analyze information, and get actionable insights with a smart, automated, and connected platform.

Smart: Get data-driven insights based on algorithms

Get smart recommendations based on data-driven algorithms and share actionable insights using a collaborative enterprise portal and mobile apps that increases decision-making velocity.

Automated: Accelerate your projects delivery

Use automated discovery of applications, data, and processes as well as automated diagram generation to improve productivity, and accelerate project delivery and time-to-value.

Connected: Improve collaboration and alignment

Improve collaboration, develop synergies, avoid duplicative efforts, and ensure stakeholder alignment on strategic objectives by connecting strategy, business, IT, data and risk perspectives on the same platform.