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Enhance operational resilience using integrated risk management

We provide Risk, Compliance, and Audit professionals with a simple to use and modern user interface, to manage risks, compliance requirements, and audits in real time using a collaborative and streamlined approach to enhance operational efficiency and resiliency.

Our Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions provides visibility across business processes, IT assets, and data in one GRC platform presenting risks in 360° view context to increase the efficiency and velocity of risk identification and management.

Reduce risks

  • Manage risks holistically by connecting risks and controls to processes, applications, and data.
  • Get instant insights from smart visualizations to enable prompt remediation.
  • Strengthen stakeholder trust by ensuring compliance with regulations and industry standards.

Save costs and time

  • Connect risk, compliance, and audit to break silos across the Three Lines of Defense.
  • Use intelligent automation features to avoid risk and compliance overload and boost productivity.
  • Build a robust compliance framework to avoid operational and reputational damage.

Foster a risk culture

  • Share a common taxonomy and methodology to implement a federated approach to managing GRC activities.
  • Leverage an intuitive user interface and mobility to drive engagement and accountability across the organization.
  • Promote collaboration to support knowledge and expertise sharing across the organization.
MEGA HOPEX a Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice 2021
Building risk management on IT architecture and business processes makes it easier for everyone.
VP and Chief Risk Officer in the Finance Industry

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance solutions

Identify and manage risks, implement, and test a compliance framework, streamline, and improve audit processes to foster a governance of ethics and integrity.
Governance, Risk Management and Compliance solutions

Governance, risk and compliance core capabilities

Risk Management

Manage your risks across business processes, applications, and data.

Compliance and Internal Control

Ensure compliance with internal and external requirements.

Internal Audit

Conduct the full audit lifecycle using a risk-based approach.

Business Continuity Management

Strengthen operational resiliency to withstand crisis.

MEGA HOPEX Platform for governance, risk and compliance

Simplify collaboration and ensure alignment, collect, and analyze information, and get actionable insights with a smart, automated, and connected GRC platform.

Smart: Get data-driven insights based on algorithms

Make data-driven decisions via an intuitive UX and based on calculated risk indicators to sharpen your risk analysis using inputs from IT and Process teams.

Automated: Accelerate the delivery of your projects

Strengthen resiliency and drive swift remediation using intelligent workflows and automated assessment campaigns that enable continuous control monitoring.

Connected: Improve collaboration and alignment

Use 3rd party connectors, built-in collaboration capabilities, and mobile apps (available on-line or off), to foster communication and identify synergies that enable stakeholder alignment.