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Model reference architecture

Use IT Architecture software to keep your architecture current with changing market strategies, emergent technologies, and agile developments. Map applications and technologies and precisely pinpoint areas of change. Leverage cloud services to design modern cloud architectures and define reference architectures for agile dev teams.

IT Architecture Benefits

Get a clear picture of your IT systems

Get a clear picture of your IT systems

Map applications and technologies, and how they interact with one another to identify efficiencies and avoid disruptions

Tackle continuous business changes

Tackle continuous business changes

Keep current with agile developments and design future IT systems. Ensure that your IT stays ahead of the needs of the business.

Speed up application deployments

Speed up application deployments

Precisely describe how technical components of an application can be deployed to avoid potential pitfalls

Accelerate cloud deployments

Accelerate cloud deployments

Quickly model cloud architectures leveraging AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud services and accelerate your cloud deployments.

IT Architecture Capabilities

HOPEX IT Architecture simplifies architecture modeling with strong automation, templates, and cloud services catalogs to accelerate cloud architecture design.

Automate application diagram design

Leverage automation to model current and future application architecture

  • Use automatic diagraming to initiate applications and application system environment models
  • Save time by using the auto-positioning feature to clean-up the layout of your models
  • Compare two application environment models
  • Design integration process (ESB, EAI…) supporting application flows

Design modern architectures and model their deployment

Understand the technical infrastructure requirements to deploy applications

  • Model deployment architecture diagrams (including micro-services)
  • Use out-of-the-box templates to speed up the development of your reference architectures
  • Create your own templates and share them with architects 
  • Accelerate cloud designs leveraging cloud services from AWS, MS Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Model 3D infrastructure diagrams

Design new systems

Design how applications operate

  • Map UML diagrams
  • Model system processes
  • Design user interfaces
  • Describe batch processes
  • Create requirements documents

Make smarter decisions faster with a pragmatic approach

Work as you want using the HOPEX platform to connect business, IT, data, and risks perspectives in a single platform that easily integrates into your digital ecosystem. 

Gain immediate value of your projects

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