MEGA’s HOPEX solutions help you develop an integrated approach to risk management and business optimization. This allows you to implement proper operational governance policies to balance internal controls with business objectives. HOPEX describes and analyzes key risks associated with your business and IT processes, to reduce operational risk exposure, and implement efficient controls. By creating a collaborative workspace and shared repository of information on risks and processes, you have the means to continuously review efficiency of your processes and risk exposure, and how they contribute to your business goals. HOPEX addresses the needs of Risk Managers, Internal Auditors and Compliance Officers to:

  • Mitigate business and IT risks.
  • Integrate risks into transformation scenarios.
  • Get risks under control and ensure regulatory compliance.

Mitigate Business and IT Risks

Identify, evaluate, and prioritize risks to define adequate risk remediation plans:

  • Identify risks with internal stakeholders using process, assets and data modeling capabilities, and organize risks registers update.
  • Evaluate and prioritize risks using multiple expert methodologies and define bottom up or top down approaches based on organizational context.
  • Define adequate risk remediation plans considering existing controls efficiency results, new action plans creation, or control implementation.

Integrate Risks into your Transformation Scenarios

Integrate risk management into the appropriate IT and business transformation scenarios to make better decisions:

  • Allocate risks to the appropriate IT and business transformation scenarios, along with quality, business impact, feasibility, and alignment criteria.
  • Make better informed decisions based on risk and opportunities, by giving your IT Risk Managers the capability to affect strategic decisions and share key information though a common database.
  • Monitor IT risk levels to secure future change scenarios, and update scenario risk profile over time.

Get Risks Under Control and Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Design and implement an internal control system aligned with your business transformation strategy:

  • Streamline your corporate and local control plans to fit your transformation strategy and the associated risks.
  • Find the right balance between strict but costly risks mitigation, low control coverage, or balanced cost/risk exposure.
  • Trigger risk based audit plans focused on your transformation strategy by managing audit teams, planning yearly audits and using our integrated risks and audit platform.