Tajco: Improve visibility to boost efficiency while continuing to meet quality standards


  • Support the international growth strategy while standardizing processes across all countries.
  • Understand how processes affect operations
  • Comply with numerous quality standards, including ISO and IATF


  • Mapping all business processes and procedures into a single repository
  • Better strategic alignment and performance measures
  • Broken-down silos and enhanced operational efficiency
  • Better process control with regular assessment
  • Easier demonstration of compliance with transparent and readily available information

Improve visibility across the organization and its processes to boost efficiency.

TAJCO is a global supplier of exhaust trims for the automotive industry. As such, it must comply with numerous quality standards like those issued by ISO and IATF – while continuing to implement its international growth strategy.

To tackle these challenges, they wanted a repository-based tool that would enable them to:

  • Manage their content and share knowledge effectively
  • Standardize processes across all locations where the company operates
  • Understand how the processes affect the company's operations, especially when troubleshooting problems and improving performance.
  • Implementing the company's strategy, since managers had little visibility on the company's operations and how processes were carried out.
  • Prove compliance during audits.

Compile all the company's business processes into a single repository.

TAJCO implemented MEGA's HOPEX Business Process Analysis solution, which they call "Business Operation System," and entered their processes into the application by the APQC Process Classification Framework®. The company also added technical documentation to the application so that all information employees need is stored in a single place. That entailed describing and structuring hundreds of procedures, graphs, and diagrams to replace the lengthy documents staff had been using previously.

TAJCO improves visibility to boost efficiency. The company also used "global business roles" to simplify their organizational charts and spell out the roles and responsibilities for individual tasks, regardless of which country they would be carried out in. And because HOPEX allows users to set detailed KPIs for individual processes (SMART KPIs - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time phased), managers added the targets and risk indicators they needed to assess performance properly. And last but not least, the functionalities offered by MEGA's solution enabled TAJCO to link their business processes to quality standards – a critical success factor for the company.

We needed an application that could map out our compliance rate and highlight critical areas where we had to improve. MEGA’s solution offered a host of advanced functionalities. - Adrien Laborie, Manager, Global Business Processes, TAJCO

A clearer view for a higher performance and greater compliance rate

A clearer picture of the organization and its processes leads to better performance and a higher compliance rate.

Knowledge centralized in a single system

Having all information centralized, clear, and up-to-date makes it easier to share knowledge across the organization. About 50 managers contributed to the process mapping, and nearly 200 employees use the application regularly.

Better strategic alignment and performance measures

The company's operations are now better aligned with its strategy thanks to improved communication and information sharing. Moreover, the strategy has been broken down into targets, objectives, and KPIs, giving all employees a clear view of the tasks on which they will be evaluated and how they should meet their goals.

Broken-down silos and enhanced operational efficiency

The new system facilitates communication by bringing together all the departments involved in a process, enabling them to spot problems faster and determine who will be responsible for solving them. The system also helps eliminate redundant tasks, thereby boosting efficiency.

Better process control and execution

Now, managers assess their business processes every three months to determine whether they are being followed correctly. New processes are entered into the application as soon as they are developed. The company has taken extensive measures to ensure that staff quickly grasp how the new system works and what they must do in the future.

Easier demonstration of compliance

HOPEX BPA has made it much easier for TAJCO to work with quality auditors and demonstrate that the requisite quality standards have been implemented in its processes before the auditors go out in the field to check whether the processes have been adequately understood and applied. This transparent, readily-available information helps auditors save time and understand how the business operates – something they are grateful for. And when an instance of non-compliance arises, the auditors take this transparency into account, potentially reducing the fines and limiting the chances of TAJCO losing a business-critical operating license.

HOPEX Business Process Analysis is a highly powerful tool that is fast and easy to use, and highly appreciated by our management team. Our Global HR & Communications Vice President aims to be the first in the company to have all their processes described in the application.

With HOPEX, managers now have better visibility on the company's compliance rate for quality standards and what key areas it needs to improve. All that feeds directly into management's strategy for the following year.

The team managing TAJCO's business processes has become like a team of in-house consultants – they are asked for advice on every new process developed. They look primarily at two factors: strategy, in that how the strategy is implemented will influence process content, and compliance, in that processes with the lowest compliance rate will be prioritized.


  • HOPEX Business Process Analysis
  • HOPEX Platform
  • MEGA Services team
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