Annual MEGA EA Exchange Conference Celebrates Success in Charting the Future of Architecture and Innovation

Nov 27, 2023

Boston/Paris – MEGA International, a leading enterprise architecture SaaS software company, hosted its annual virtual conference on November 15, bringing together over 2000 IT professionals worldwide. In its fourth year, the MEGA EA Exchange included plenary and breakout sessions with EA experts and customer testimonials highlighting best practices and new trends.

This year, the MEGA EA Exchange conference ushered in a new format with keynotes, interviews, roundtable discussions, and interactive workshops centered around the theme “Taking Enterprise Architecture to the Next Level”.  The event fostered interactivity, with numerous attendees engaging in conversation with speakers, enhancing the abundance of information and exchanges.

Keynotes: Enterprise Architecture updates and trends  

To provide food for thought and share good practices on the challenges and prospects for the development of enterprise architecture, the conference first offered a series of keynotes in plenary sessions :

Architecting Change 

Luca de Risi, CEO at MEGA International, delved into the evolving landscape of enterprise architecture amid the rapid changes driven by AI and emerging technologies. He discussed how the role of enterprise architects has shifted from merely planning transformation to actively enabling continuous change in increasingly complex environments. Highlighting the race to artificial intelligence, the session explored the crucial factors determining which companies lead in digital disruption, including the disruption of operating models and the risks associated with uncontrolled AI.

Market Analysis: Trends in Enterprise Architecture Unveiled

During this presentation, Andy Neill, from the Info-Tech Research Group, covered a spectrum of topics, including CIO priorities in enterprise architecture, the main challenges faced by enterprise architects, and strategic considerations for EA maturity. Attendees gained valuable insights into fostering collaboration within and across domain guilds, exploring the opportunities, risks, and concerns related to AI in enterprise architecture, and delving into the fascinating NASA case study on Zero Trust Architecture.  

Enterprise Architecture Software: A Product Visionary's Perspective  

Attendees stepped into the future of enterprise architecture with an exclusive glimpse into the evolution of the HOPEX Enterprise Architecture solution. Yannick Rudloff, Product Management Director at MEGA International, spoke about the innovative path that lies ahead for enterprise architecture and how HOPEX will empower organizations to thrive in this dynamic business environment. The vision for enterprise architecture was explored through examples of EA services, including capability and data visibility, application rationalization, operating model design, data governance, and risk management.  

Interviews and round tables: the value contribution of enterprise architecture

To go further and offer participants the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of enterprise architecture and all its potential value in organizations, interactive plenary discussions with external speakers were held to multiply points of view.

From the CIO's Desk: The Criticality of Enterprise Architecture in Digital Businesses  

The interview with Michael Fulton, CIO of Vernovis by  Luca de Risi, provided attendees with valuable insights into the critical role of enterprise architecture in modern businesses directly from the CIO's perspective. The conversation provided a firsthand view of why EA is crucial for success in today's organizations. It examined the intersection of strategic planning, innovation, and adaptability through the lens of IT leadership. The interview covered a range of thought-provoking issues, including how EA can assist in designing the digital strategy and how architects can serve as advisors to the CIO.

AI Revolutionizing Enterprise Architecture for Enhanced Innovation and Efficiency  

This interview with Samuel Holcman, Managing Director and Chief Enterprise Architect at by Eva Jaidan, Head of Data Analytics and AI at MEGA, provided a comprehensive and insightful exploration of the intertwined dynamics of AI and EA, with a particular focus on security, ethics, and the potential for AI to enhance and optimize various aspects of enterprise architecture. This engaging discussion provided a deep dive into how AI integration  reshapes the EA landscape, driving innovation and efficiency to new heights. Samuel provided his thoughts on how AI is revolutionizing traditional EA practices, bringing forth a new era of innovation, adaptability, and efficiency.  

Addressing Cyber Resilience Challenges: Exploring Best Practices  

This roundtable discussion with Olivier Patole, Trustable, Paul Estrach, and Cyril Amblard-Ladurantie, MEGA International explored strategies for fostering active collaboration among enterprise architecture, security, risk, and compliance teams to effectively address the operational resilience challenges presented by imminent financial sector regulations such as the EU DORA. Key issues examined by the panel included the importance of collaboration between different teams, practical steps to ensure cyber resilience, and providing actionable insights for organizations looking to strengthen their operational resilience posture.

New: Breakout Sessions  

Ask the Experts: Initiating an EA Program for Rapid Success  

Speakers: Abdallah El Kadi, Sormena, and Leslie Robinet and Jean-François Bigey, MEGA International

Attendees gained practice and tips on how to start and set up an EA program to deliver fast outcomes.  

Product Tour: Build a Connected EA program with HOPEX

Speakers: Yannick Rudloff and Michele Imperiali, MEGA International

MEGA’s product experts presented how enterprise architects can leverage the HOPEX platform to drive their projects and transformation initiatives.

Product Tour: What’s New in the Latest Version “HOPEX Aquila”  

Speakers: Paul Estrach, Cyril Amblard-Ladurantie, and Kawtar Chamama, MEGA International

This session, dedicated to the customers' audience, explored MEGA’s latest platform release, HOPEX Aquila, and took a complete tour of its new features and advancements.  

Survey key learning  

During the conference, attendees could answer surveys on EA, AI, and cybersecurity. Key findings include:

  • Almost 30% of respondents believe that their organizations’ objective for enterprise architecture is digital transformation.
  • When asked about the impact of AI on EA, 41% of respondents report they see the potential, but have not implemented AI, while 28% say they have begun leveraging AI.
  • 51% consider the interaction between the IT and risk departments to be strong, while 48% feel the collaboration could be improved.

To watch the conference: The MEGA EA Exchange is available on demand!


About MEGA International 

MEGA International is a global SaaS software company offering solutions for Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Analysis, Governance, Risk and Compliance, and Data Governance operating in 52 countries. MEGA created HOPEX, a collaborative platform that provides a single repository to help companies collect, visualize, and analyze information to plan better and adapt to change.



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