Strengthen Cyber Resilience With an Integrated Solution

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Practical Guide - Strengthen Cyber Resilience with HOPEX

Aligning cyber and business strategies to protect against cyber disruptions

This guide will provide CIO, CISO and Risk & compliance professionals with an effective methodology to strengthen their cyber resilience with the following benefits: ​

  • Protect their organization from cyber-disruptions, maintain and restore operations after cyber incident.​
  • Ensure compliance with cyber resilience regulations, provide regulatory evidences, and avoid financial or reputational damages.​
  • Align cyber resilience management with business goals, mobilize stakeholders and adapt a dynamic cyber resilience posture.

With all the hazards that can put companies at risk, such as cyberattacks, IT infrastructure failures, vendor risks, or non-compliance with regulations and industry standards - data security and confidentiality, the potential risks are significant. To protect against cyber threats, organizations need a blueprint for prioritizing cybersecurity efforts, fostering accountability, and coordinating incident responses.

Following this practical approach, using the HOPEX platform, organizations can reduce cyber risks, simplify cyber compliance and facilitate cyber alliance.

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