A new commitment from MEGA in its environmental protection approach with Reforest’Action

Corporate Social Responsibility 

MEGA International, a global software company, announced new environmental initiatives involving reforestation actions in France, South Africa, and Mexico with Reforest’Action

Active commitment of all employees
MEGA is investing in reforestation projects to protect the environment with Reforest'Action, a forest specialist and French B Corp certified company. Beyond simple carbon offsetting, MEGA seeks to play a civic role to preserve the environment by sponsoring forests around the world and contributing to the development of new, more responsible economic models.

As part of this approach, MEGA is empowering its employees to take action against global warming and climate change by offering them the opportunity to plant 3 trees on the reforestaction.com website among reforestation projects in South Africa and Mexico. 

Two projects to strengthen and rebuild fragile ecosystems
By choosing to facilitate these programs, MEGA is encouraging the preservation of threatened ecosystems and local economic development.

  • The first project, based in Palizada, Mexico has a consequential ambition of planting 240,000 trees over three years, to which MEGA is contributing 500 trees. The objective is to create a nature reserve and restore resilient ecosystems in a region where agricultural activities and climate change have considerably destabilized the initial ecosystems.
  • The second project concerns the reforestation of degraded pastures in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa. Out of a total goal to plant 500,000 Spekbooms, a local species necessary for the proper ecological functioning of the region, MEGA is contributing 500 trees. The venture will develop a new sustainable pasture management system without degrading the environment.

A carbon offset project in Normandy, France allowing the storage of a CO2 equivalent of up to 100 tons, and benefiting from the Low Carbon Label, issued by the Ministry of Ecological Transition.
This project in France aims to reforest the former agricultural land in Saint-Aubin-Routot, in Seine-Maritime, Normandy. This global reforestation project involves the storage of more than 3,400 tons of CO2 over the next 30 years through 15,600 trees. MEGA and its employees are committed to 100 tons of CO2 through the planting of 450 trees.

Beyond positive action for the climate, this project will generate benefits for biodiversity, health, and local employment.

About Reforest’Action 
Reforest’Action, the forest specialist, is a B Corp-certified company whose mission is to preserve, restore and create forests in France and throughout the world, in response to the climate emergency and biodiversity loss. To do this, Reforest’Action selects forestry projects and supports them financially, guaranteeing their quality, in order to develop their environmental, social and economic multi-functionality in the long term. Reforest’Action’s mission is made possible thanks to crowdfunding by individuals and businesses. Since its creation, Reforest'Action has financed more than 17 million trees in 39 countries with the help of 3,000 companies and 300,000 citizens.

About MEGA 
Founded in 1991, MEGA International is a global software company and a recognized market leader. The company partners with customers to improve governance and accelerate transformation by leveraging technology. MEGA helps companies better analyze how they can operate and make the right decisions to accelerate the creation of value. The HOPEX Platform connects business, IT, data, and risk perspectives in a single place that integrates across an entire company’s ecosystem. The MEGA Services team partners with customers to deliver projects with a pragmatic approach.